I designed the visual identity for a coffee stand that I ran at the Mt Pleasant farmer’s market in Washington DC for 3 years, which my sister is still running.

We served espresso on a 1948 Gaggia Gilda manual lever epsresso machine that I refurbished, along with pour over, cold brew, and matcha. We only served our drinks straight—no sugar or cream. This was inspired by the Gilda having been designed without a steam wand, which was meant as a statement that the Gilda makes such great coffee, milk isn’t needed. 
The brand was named after Wes Anderson’s character from the Royal Tenenbaums, Pagoda. The logo is an abstract, three-dimensional representation of a ‘pagoda’ tower.

Under the same brand, I also designed a jacket—a cross between a US Army her- ringbone twill chore coat and a traditional Japanese work shirt. The idea was inspired by my Grandfather’s experiences during World War 2, and his time in Japan after the war.